Our progress for the planet

Sustainable development is central to how we operate

Transdev Sydney’s mission is to deliver safe and reliable services everyday, while also focusing on the future of our employees, the environment and the community we serve.

As a public transport provider, we help our customers reduce their carbon footprint by providing them with the option to leave their car at home and travel with light rail. Download our brochure here to read more about the benefits of using public transport. 

We have developed a strong expertise in introducing and maintaining environmentally friendly practices in our depots and network.

From water recycling systems, solar panels, transition to energy efficient lighting on our trams, waste recycling processes or partnerships with local businesses and public authorities, we are permanently committed to going the extra mile to benefit the environment and communities.

Water recycling systems: The installation of two water tanks at our facilities with a total capacity of 10000L to collect rainwater, has led to approximately 30% reduction in our annual water consumption at our Pyrmont sites over the past two years.

Solar panels: In 2016, we installed solar panels at our administrative office in Pyrmont. This resulted in a 79% reduction in annual electricity usage at this site.

Energy efficient lighting: We support the ongoing installation of LED lights on trams led by our maintenance partner, Alstom, which increases our energy efficiency. They have already fitted half of our vehicles with LEDs, and this number will continue to increase.

Waste recycling processes: This year, Transdev Sydney has completed an external waste audit at our Pyrmont depot and office to identify waste management opportunities and improve our recycling performance. Additioanlly, we have partnered with a local waste contractor to ensure our platform waste is 100% redirected from landfill. Waste collected from the platforms is recycled as a first priority and residual non-recyclable waste is converted into energy.

 a photo of our Customer Service Officers at a light rail stop

Inner West Council partnership: Having a long contract gives us the opportunity to choose long-term environmental investments, but it also allows us to establish strong partnerships with local businesses and public authorities, such as Inner West Council. Since our stops are within the GreenWay corridor, we work very closely with the Council to help preserve the natural environment and the wildlife along our network. We have assisted Council in their understanding of local habitat along the corridor by facilitating the placement of cameras in areas where there have been previous community sightings of the threatened Long-nosed bandicoot population. With our assistance Council have also collected seed from remnant shrubs and grasses along the light rail corridor, which are locally rare. These seed are used to grow local provenance plants for bush regeneration.

Progress continues: We are proud to continue our focus on the environment as we expand our light rail operations in the coming months with the opening of the CBD and South East Light Rail. Over the next year, we will measure our baseline waste, water and energy performance and assess how our footprint changes with the new line. The information will be used to guide future sustainability projects with a goal to achieve an operational sustainability rating awarded by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policies and documents

Rail Safety and Work Health & Safety Policy [PDF]
Environmental Policy [PDF]
Quality Policy [PDF]
Public Notification for Pesticides Application [PDF]
Environmental Management System Scope and GRI Performance System [PDF]