Filming and photography guidelines

Getting permission to film or photograph near the Sydney Light Rail corridor


Transdev Sydney is happy to consider applications for filming and photography on or near the Sydney Light Rail network.  For your own safety, the safety of passengers and the general public, please follow the steps below to submit your application to film or photograph.

The Sydney Light Rail corridor and Danger Zone


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As captured in the diagram above and chart below, permission is required from differing relevant authorities depending on the location of your proposed filming or photography.

Who should I contact to request permission to film or take photographs?




Description of filming area

Relevant authority/contact for access




Within the Danger Zone (area coloured in red above) on the Light Rail corridor

·  For safety reasons, filming within the Danger Zone is not permitted without special arrangement, including extra fees and hiring of a Person in Charge of Works (PICOW).

·Please contact Transdev Sydney at for more information. 


On trams and on Light Rail stops/platforms on the L1, L2 and L3 Lines

·    Transdev Sydney coordinates filming and photography during non-peak hours. 

·  Please click here to download a filming and photography application along with additional information.



Pedestrian Areas / footpaths
(near the Danger Zone) 

·   On the L1 Dulwich Hill line pedestrian area near Paddy’s Market, please contact City of Sydney.

· On the L2 Randwick line pedestrian areas, please contact ALTRAC Light Rail at

· On the L3 Kingsford line pedestrian areas, please contact ALTRAC Light Rail at 




·    Local council will authorise any footpath access near the L1 Dulwich Hill line. Please contact City of Sydney or the Inner West Council depending on the location of the footpath.

·  On the L2 Randwick and L3 Kingsford lines, please contact ALTRAC Light Rail.


NOTE: If you are filming across multiple locations listed above, you will need to contact all relevant authorities.

Click here to download the Sydney Light Rail network map.

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