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June 24, 2018


This page was last updated on 25 June at 6pm. No further updates are scheduled. 

Transdev Sydney and our partner companies worked together to proactively replace the light rail network bridge near Fred Street on behalf of the NSW government. At nearly 100 years old, the former bridge had reached the end of its design life and was identified for replacement as part of a planned management program developed in consultation with Transport for NSW.

Bridge work took place 24 hours a day from 12pm on 22 June through the early morning on 25 June, to ensure was completed as quickly as possible. 

The team at Transdev Sydney used this webpage to share with the community the latest updates on the bridge work's progress throughout the weekend.  Check out all the previous updates below!


Update as of 25 June, 6pm: 

  • Recent milestones: Bridge construction work was completed on the evening of 25 June, followed by successful certification and tram testing on the network. Light rail services resumed as usual on Monday morning to transport the Inner West community to work, school, or where ever their morning commute may take them! 


Thank you to the Lewisham West community for their patience and support over the weekend of works. 

Pictured above: installation progress of the new light rail network bridge on Sunday 24 June late afternoon. 

Previous update - as of 24 June, 4:45pm

Recent milestones: The bridge installation is complete and track has been installed. 

Upcoming milestones: Sunday’s late afternoon and evening activities will include lesser noise impact activities such as wire installation and on-site inspections and certifications. 

The construction project is now scheduled to conclude at approximately 8pm on Sunday 24 June, followed by demobilsation of equipment on-site and tram testing on the Inner West Light Rail network. 



Pictured above: installation progress of the new light rail network bridge on Saturday 23 June late afternoon. 


Previous update -  as of 23 June, 6pm

  • Recent milestones: Demolition of the former bridge went smoothly overnight on Friday and was completed by Saturday around midday.  The team is pleased to report that the noisiest works related to demolition, concrete sawing, were completed as early as possible on Friday night in order to mitigate noise impact to the local community. 
  • Upcoming milestone:  The team is currently installing the new bridge.  Their focus on Saturday late afternoon is to install headstocks, the component which transfers loads from the bridge superstructure to the piers.  They’ll then continue with bridge deck installation followed by rail track reinstatement. On Saturday evening and night, residents can expect to hear noise associated with construction, including usage of cranes and other machines as they lift and install elements of the bridge and track.
  • Current projection for Sunday: On Sunday morning, primary activities on site will shift to track welding and other track work. Sunday’s late afternoon activities are scheduled to include lesser noise impact activities such as wire installation and on-site inspections and certifications. The current estimated completion time of the construction works project is approximately 8pm-10pm on Sunday evening, followed by a period of project demobilisation on-site and tram testing on the light rail network. 


 Pictured above: a photo of the light rail network bridge in late May 2018. 


Previous update - as of 22 June, 4pm:  

  • Recent focus: On Friday afternoon, Transdev is focusing on preparing for bridge demolition, including setting up the worksite and cranes, and cutting track.
  • Upcoming milestone: Bridge demolition works are scheduled to begin at approximately 8-9pm on Friday. This will include some of the noisiest activity residents can expect to hear over the weekend, such as concrete sawing. These activities are currently scheduled to conclude by midday on Saturday 23 June, pending no outside influence from unforeseen circumstances such as weather or extreme condition of the bridge's nearly 100-year old concrete interiors.


Keeping the community informed about these works

Transdev Sydney has prioritised a special focus on our network neighbours who live near to the Fred St light rail bridge, as recommended in an independent Noise Impact Assessment by professional assessors. Our goal is for them to feel informed about the weekend activities and have a positive experience considering the noise.   

We consulted with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to develop a plan to reasonably and feasibly mitigate noise impact in the local community.  Click here to read a fact sheet with more information.


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