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July 26, 2018


Pictured above: Light Rail Authorised Officers wearing NAIDOC Week caps organised by our Diversity and Inclusion Committee (left); other members of the Transdev Sydney team at the 2018 Sydney City Business Awards (right). 


Transdev Sydney is honoured to be chosen as a 2018 finalist for the 2018 Sydney City Business Awards that recognise outstanding businesses whose passion, determination, innovation and success inspire others. The awards ceremony was held on 25 July at the Town Hall in Sydney.

The Transdev Sydney team was a finalist in the ‘Excellence in Workplace Inclusion’ category. Over the past years, we’ve focused on being a diverse and inclusive workplace for our nearly 140 employees from a variety of different cultural backgrounds, lifestyles and schedules.

“At Transdev Sydney, we believe our differences are our strengths and that everyone can and does make a difference.

“We value different cultural and professional backgrounds, as we’ve experienced first-hand the great things that happen when we combine insights from our unique experiences to bring new ideas for a better future for our employees and the city of Sydney,” says Brian Brennan, Managing Director, Transdev Sydney.

Employees from across our organisation work together to design and progress several ongoing initiatives based on our shared values and in reflection of the communities we serve. They include our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, inclusive hiring practices and progression of an accessible environment for our customers.  


Transdev Sydney’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Our committee includes approximately 15 employees from roles across our business -- from Drivers and Customer Service Officers to managers and administrative employees. In order to progress our commitment to diversity and inclusion, the committee meets monthly to plan cultural observances and celebrations, events and initiatives, such as:

  • an original initiative we call “Culture Chat,” where employees share working experiences and learn about each other’s culture and background.
  • “Taste of Harmony” observances with food from around the world, a trivia competition and a photo challenge. Click here to watch a short video about our celebrations on YouTube.
  • an Australia Day observance when we discussed in a safe environment different opinions regarding the topic “What does Australia Day mean to you?”
  • 2018 NAIDOC Week celebrations, partnering with Harbour City Ferries. 

Inclusive Hiring Practices

This includes a partnership with the Asylum Seekers Centre and a concerted effort to recruit more women in the often male-dominated transport industry. In the past six months, over 45% of new hires at Transdev Sydney have been female. This is a big increase compared to 2017, when we recruited a total of 27% females.

In addition, at least 24% of our workforce is over the age of 55, and our employees are from many cultural backgrounds, including the Philippines, India, China, and France. Together we speak more than 20 languages!


An accessible customer environment 

Customer accessibility is important to us --- so much so that each quarter our customers are surveyed to measure their perceptions of our performance in this area and other key performance indicators. We’re proud to report that since 2012, an average of 93% of surveyed customers report that they are satisfied with the accessibility of our network.

We attribute these strong outcomes to our many initiatives in support of customer accessibility and inclusiveness, including:

 • Language flags on name badges. Our diverse workforce is here to support customers in many different languages. Multilingual customer support staff are defined by flags on their name badges.

Chinese translation. Many of our customers are tourists visiting from China, and we want to help ensure their pleasant visit to Sydney. We translate service disruption and bus replacement posters into Chinese and display them at our stops that are most popular with tourists. Employees who speak Chinese are also regularly deployed to our most popular tourist stops.

Special support to seniors during the NSW Premier's Gala Concerts and seniors’ expo. Held annually for two days each spring, these free concerts bring around 70,000 additional seniors to the city. We make sure those who travel on our network have a great experience by:

          • arranging special tram access procedures and wayfinding signage
          • scheduling more than 50 additional employee shifts to support our customers.


Transdev Sydney is proud to deliver safe and reliable services everyday, while also focusing on the future of our employees, the environment and the Inner West community we serve.