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August 6, 2018


This page was first updated on 8 August. Updates were posted on 10 August and 16 August.

Transdev Sydney, operators of the Inner West Light Rail network, and our partner companies are working together to stabilise a local rock face wall near the Wentworth Park Light Rail stop on behalf of the NSW Government. 

The rock face wall is located on land owned by the NSW Government's RailCorp and Sydney Trains that is directly adjacent to walls associated with the Harbour Mill Apartments building. In order to ensure the rock face wall is stable for years to come, the NSW Government has employed Transdev Sydney and our partner companies to undertake activities including:
◾removing loose rock fragments to reduce potential rock fall hazards
◾bolting rocks to the embankment to better support areas of rock cuttings
◾installing mesh to reduce potential rock falls
◾adding reinforcement to rock faces to smooth and reinforce surfaces
◾removing limited vegetation, such as weeds.

Work to the rock face is taking place from 7am to 6pm, Monday 6 August to Friday 17 August. (But not on the weekends.)

The team at Transdev Sydney uses this webpage to share with the community the latest updates on the rock face work's progress.

Thank you to the Wentworth Park, Glebe community for their patience while the rock face wall improvements occur.

Update for 10 August: We are currently proceeding with the Wentworth Park rock face wall improvements, as per our work instructions. Today we started drilling.

Update for 16 August: One day ahead of schedule, work to improve the Wentworth Park rock face wall has been completed. The work proceeded as planned.