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March 9, 2011


The shareholders of Veolia Transport and Transdev have been working towards a merger between the companies for the past two years. It has now been announced that the talks are complete and Veolia Transdev was created on 3 March 2011.

The new Veolia Transdev global CEO, Jérôme Gallot, said, “...the creation of this new a milestone in the history of public passenger transportation. The merger of these two major international operators has produced the world’s largest privately-owned sustainable mobility provider, with a presence in 28 countries worldwide...Veolia Transdev is not only the transportation industry’s number one private company in terms of revenue, which currently stands at more than €8 billion; it is also the leader in terms of human resources (119,000 staff), professional skills, multimodal experience and innovation...’

In Australasia, the group comprises eight businesses in six cities/regions covering five transport modes. Veolia Transdev now operates: trains in Auckland; ferries in Brisbane; buses in Sydney, Brisbane, the SW of Western Australia and Perth; and the Sydney light rail and monorail systems.

The main advantage of the new company is that it embodies a new approach to business based on offering services that are both multimodal and fully integrated. With extensive experience in blending public and private interest and expertise in contract design, complemented with the unique characteristics of both of its shareholders, Veolia Transdev is the answer to both collective interests and individual needs.

Jonathan Metcalfe, CEO of Veolia Transdev in Australasia, commented, “We are proud to bring the strength of an international business to work at a local level. Personally, I am honoured and excited to be leading the Veolia Transdev teams here in Australasia. We will continue to push for the needs of our customers, exceed expectations and strive to enhance the wider public transport sector.”

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