Lost property

Lost something on the Sydney Light Rail?

It's now easier than ever to check if your lost property was found.

Visit transportnsw.info to lodge your lost property via the dedicated online portal.

Upon the date of your online submission, we will respond within one (1) business day.

Please note:

- If you have just lost your property, for safety reasons we will not be able to contact our light rail employees on board a light rail vehicle in service. If the property you have lost is life critical (e.g.: medical equipment), phone 131 500.

- Remember to always lodge your lost item online via the lost property portal.

- If your item has been retrieved, one of our team members will contact you to arrange a time to come and collect your property from our office. 

- If you have not been contacted by a Transdev Sydney Light Rail team member within 24 hours of lodging your lost property, we ask that you call us first on 02 8584 5288* to confirm your item has been retrieved; it will avoid any disappointment in case we have not retrieved it.

- Please let us know if you have any specific accessibility requirement(s) so that we can accommodate you.

* Office opening hours: Monday to Friday, 09:30-16:30 (EST) excluding public holidays.

Transdev Sydney Light Rail is taking every precautions to make sure we stay COVID safe.

That is why only customers who have been contacted to confirm their lost property has been found will be allowed to enter our premises, to the condition they strictly adhere to the following safe instructions and any additional ones displayed on site, including:

- Sign in and out by scanning the COVID-19 tracing QR code,

- Wear a mask at all times whislt in our premises, including outdoor between the premise's gate and the office's door and within the offices,

- Only one person at a time will be permitted to attend our site to collect a property.

We reserve the right to deny entry to any customers who have not contacted us before visiting our offices.

We also kindly advice all our customers to consider the collection of any non-essential lost property outside of state and/or local governmental lockdown timeframes if in place.

If state and/or local governmental restrictions are in place, we will only prioritise critical items for collection (e.g: items of values, medical equipments). We will then extend our storage timeframe to accommodate any collection booked outside of the normal deadline** to the condition the customer has contacted us.

When submiting online the details of your lost property, provide a full description of the item(s) you have lost, including:

  • Brand, model, colour, size, distinguishing features? What was in it?
  • Where and when did you leave it? Including light rail vehicle number you travelled on (indicated on white sticker externally on the side of the driver cabin or internally on the glass window behind the driver), stops where you boarded/alighted, direction of travel, date and time.
  • What's your return daytime telephone number? So we can contact you.

Our follow up: We will check all retrieved lost properties, and contact you back.

** Storage timeframe: All lost properties are registered and kept for 28 days, at which point it will be discarded or donated to a charity if unclaimed, or handed over to the Police if valuable. Perishable items such as food will be disposed of immediately.  

Getting your property back:

If we have found your property, we will contact you to confirm when you can collect your item(s) during our offices' opening hours. For security and privacy purposes, please ensure you bring a photo ID when collecting your item(s).

*** Collection point for all properties retrieved on L1 Dulwich Hill Line, L2 Randwick Line or L3 Kingsford Line: Transdev Sydney Light Rail, 66a Ascot Street (next to Royal Randwick Racecourse Ascot entrance), Kensington NSW 2033, Australia. Click here to access a map of our Randwick offices location


Please note:

  • Our lost property collection point*** is accessible. It means that our premises is on-street level, and there is no steps to go through to enter and exit. There is only one gate and a door for you to go through with intercoms at wheelchair level.
  • If you have specific accessibility requirements, please feel free to notify us by calling our offices on 02 8584 5288 (within opening hours*) so that we can accommodate you.


Found something on the Sydney Light Rail?

Please hand any items you find on the light rail to one of our Customer Service Officers, Authorised Officers or Drivers as available, or visit our offices as per address indicated above.



As we value and respect your privacy, please be assured all Personal Information submitted will be dealt with in accordance with Transdev's Privacy Policy.

Are you unsure of the service time and date you travelled?

- check the details on your light rail ticket or your Opal account

- check the trip planner for a similar trip

Lost your Opal card?

If your Opal card is registered and has been lost or stolen, you can login to your Opal account to block the card to protect your card balance and arrange a balance transfer to another Opal card