School Opal card

The School Opal card: the smarter way to get to school

The School Opal card is for eligible school students and provides free travel on public transport between home and school on trains, buses and ferries within the Opal network.

Who can apply? Students who live a certain distance from their school, as shown below:

  • Years K-2: no minimum distance.
  • Years 3-6: 1.6km straight line distance or 2.3km walking or further.
  • Years 7-12: 2.0km straight line distance or 2.9km walking or further.

How to apply

The School Opal card is only for travel to and from school on school days and doesn’t cover travel to after school care, school excursions, sport and other activities away from school, so it’s a good idea to get a Child/Youth Opal card for personal travel.

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