Accessibility and Special needs

Sydney Light Rail is accessible for all customers

All light rail stops provide either ramp or lift access for those using wheelchairs, mobility scooters or prams, however Lilyfield and Glebe light rail stops may be challenging for the mobility impaired under certain circumstances.

Lilyfield stop: This stop has only got one lift. Although infrequent, wheelchair or pram access will be restricted when this lift is out of service. I fyou are planning a trip departing from this stop and you can't use stairs, we recommend calling us to confirm if the lift is operational on 02 8584 5288. If you are on board a light rail announcements will be made at the previous stop if the lift is out of service to avoid any difficulties on arrival.

Glebe stop: Glebe stop is easily accessible and is both pram and wheelchair friendly. There is a steep incline to Glebe Point Road from the stop which may be difficult for some. If you have limited mobility, it is easier to access Glebe Point Road from Jubilee Park stop. If you require assistance, don't hesitate to ask for assistance, via Help Points location on every platform or on-board in the priority seating areas, or alternatively via our staff if available on-board your light rail vehicle or at your stop.

Passenger information

All stops have network maps and electronic information displays indicating when the next service is due. All light rail vehicles have audible next stop announcements and destination displays on board. Service information is also available via trip planner or by phoning 131 500.

Travel for the vision impaired

Vision impaired customers who carry a CityRail Vision Impaired Person Travel Pass are permitted free travel on Sydney Light Rail. All light rail vehicles have audible next stop announcements

Travel with wheelchairs and scooters

Portable boarding ramps: Available on all light rail vehicles to assist you to safely enter and exit our vehicles onto the stop platform. 

Request assistance: Check for the wheelchair icon in the tiles on the platform. By placing yourself at the wheelchair icon you are indicating to the driver of the vehicle that you require assistance to board and the driver will deploy the boarding ramp to assist you.

Once on-board, if you require assistance to exit the vehicle, please inform the light rail Driver by confirming the stop you wish to alight, via an Help Point located in each priority seating area. 

Travel with assistance animals

Transdev Sydney allows customers to board with an assistance animal or an authorised disabled person's companion animal at all times. Customers with companion animals are asked to be considerate of staff concerns and to respect the rights of other passengers.


Vehicle features


  • Dedicated wheelchair space in each light rail vehicle
  • Priority seating for elderly and less mobile customers
  • Accessible Emergency Help Points
  • Audio next stop announcements
  • On board visual destination information
  • Colour-contrasted doors and handrails
  • Hearing loops.


Lost and found property

Visit our dedicated page to find detailed information on how to log or claim a lost item, or report a found property.