Travel safe and feel secure

Travel safe and feel secure on Sydney Light Rail

Transport for NSW Transport officers and Transdev Sydney Authorised Officers --

Transport Officers and Authorised Officers patrol light rail services and stops every day. They work in conjunction with the NSW Police Force and have the power to conduct ticket and concession entitlements checks, ask for your name and address, issue official cautions and issue penalty notices and lawfully detain you until your name and address are verified or the police are engaged.


CCTV cameras monitor the Sydney Light Rail network inside vehicles and on stops 24/7.

Help Points --

Emergency Help Points are installed on all light rail stops. If you press a Help Point, you're visible on live CCTV and will get assistance from one of our employees in our Operations Control Centre, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with communication links to Authorised Officers and Transport Officers, Police and emergency services.

In an emergency --

In case of an emergency, there are bright yellow Emergency Help Points on platforms at every light rail stop. When pressed, the Help Point will enable you to communicate with light rail staff 24-hours a day.

Suspicious behaviour --

If you notice something doesn't look quite right, or witness suspicious behaviour we urge you to report it to a light rail staff member or the Police. Never touch an unattended item or bag but report and remember, if you see something, say something!

Call Triple Zero (000) if a crime is in progress, or you are in a life threatening situation

Call the National Security Hotline (1800 1234 00) to report security incidents or possible signs of terrorism.

On board a light rail vehicle --

Never try to force a light rail vehicle door open or attempt to get on or off a moving vehicle. If you feel uncomfortable whilst on board a light rail vehicle, alert the Driver via the on-board Emergency Help Point: these are linked to CCTV cameras and intercoms and allow you to talk to the driver for assistance.

Alternatively, you can alert a Customer Service Officer or Authorised Officer if available on-board.

Please note that the Sydney Light Rail network is patrolled every day by Authorised Officers, Transport Officers and the NSW Police.

Safety starts before you even get to the light rail stop. Treating all overhead wires with extreme caution and obeying all signs, signals and road rules will help you to stay safe.

Whether you’re a first time passenger or a regular commuter, we offer a few tips below for safe travel on the light rail. 

At the light rail stop: Stand behind the yellow caution strip on the platform and never try to lean towards or try to touch the sides of a moving vehicle. Never cross the tracks if a vehicle is approaching, even though the driver will the bell on approach you may be in a blind spot.

Boarding Safely: Please wait for other customers to exit the light rail vehicle before you board and be mindful of the gap between the vehicle and the platform.

Safety on board: Stay clear of doorways and do not obstruct the doors when they are closing. Move up or down the vehicle to find a seat or hold onto the nearest handrail, once the light rail vehicle starts to move you may lose your balance. We ask you to be courteous to your fellow passengers and offer your seat to elderly people, pregnant women and people who have impaired mobility. Place bags either on your lap if you are seated or between your feet if you are standing. To ensure vehicles remain clean for all customers, food and drink is not permitted on board.

Departing the stop: Once you have disembarked a light rail vehicle, wait for it to pull out of the stop before crossing the tracks to the other side, be aware that another light rail vehicle may be approaching in the opposite direction. Always be aware and watch for other oncoming traffic.

Tracks and bridges: Light rail tracks are in some areas located on public streets and in restricted right of way areas. It’s not only unsafe but against the law to walk along light rail tracks and trespass on bridges or underpasses. Tracks are only for light rail vehicles – do not drive, cycle or walk along the tracks

Travelling with children or a group: When you are travelling with children, always hold their hand when boarding or exiting the light rail vehicle. Be mindful of other people in your group, especially children as they can accidentally be left behind if you do not board or exit together. If you are separated from your group, please require for assistance as quickly as possible via the Help Point on the platform; this will enable you to receive support and guidance.