Work access permits

Our primary objective is to ensure that we keep you, as well as our passengers, and staff safe. By following the permit to work process, we can minimise the risk that your work party is injured by moving trams or electrocution. The permit process also limits the risk of your works impacting our customers and staff. For your information, there are mandatory requirements under Safe Work and Rail Safety legislation to ensure we manage safety across Sydney Light Rail (SLR).


The picture below depicts the Danger Zone, which is an area that is potentially exposed to moving tram and electrocution risk. By following the permit to work process, we can assist you in limiting risks associated with working near or in the Danger Zone.

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The following picture indicates typical works that may require a work permit.

 works that may require a Work Access Permit


The location of your work site could have an impact on operations, for example, moving plant or equipment across the tracks. Your work site could also influence pedestrians to walk closer to moving trams. If you have any doubt then please contact us for advice.


Please download a copy of our Safe Work Around Light Rail pamphlet for further information.


If you are planning major or long duration works near the SLR, you may find our annual network closures plan useful. We conduct a number of closures during the year to facilitate essential works along the Sydney Light Rail, that may not be possible during normal service operations hours. Click here to see our annual network closures plan. We are more than happy to conduct site visits to give you advice regarding permit requirements for your planned works.

We are passionate about ensuring your safety as well as the safety of our customers, communities, employees and partners.

If a permit is required you will be asked to complete a permit application as well as undertake a safety induction.


Please contact our Permit Coordinator so that we can help you understand whether you need a permit for your planned works.


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